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En Guay Si


Calle Rodriguez San Pedro, 34

Metros: Moncloa, Arguelles, San Bernardo, Quevedo

Phone Number: 915 916 405


Yummy Yummy PIZZA!

I remember when this place had just opened up back in Fall/Winter 2009. When I had discovered it, I immediately fell in love. Back then it was much more expensive than it is now.

Madrid has many Pizzerias, but this is the only one that has that true New York style pizza. Everyone who goes there raves about it, and for us Americans here in Madrid it is a guarenteed good time had by all.

It´s not a very large location but typically there is always room to sit everytime I go. Many people get the pizzas to go, which is great since you are only a 10 minute walk to the Parque Oeste.

They now deliver in the Arguelles- Chamberi neighborhood on bike (and no not those annoying Telepizza motobikes, I mean a real ´you´ve got to pedal it yourself´bicycle.

And they provide the pizza needs for everyone with ´slices-to-go´, or 3 sizes of pizzas (small, medium and large).

Each pizza is hand-made when you order it and they do allow you to have half of the pizza with one topping and the other half with another topping.

And (my favorite part) they have Budweiser on tap….you cannot go wrong with this place!

The owners are 2 brothers from the US who decided to open up a truly unique pizzeria in Madrid….and I know I am a fan. It makes me feel like I´m back home in the US…and you really cannot ask for anything better than that!

Check it out!!/pages/En-Guay-Si-Pizza/152122191482661


La Lolina


Lolina Vintage Cafe

Calle del Espíritu Santo, 9

So, as I was browsing my friend Martina´s websites to see if she had posted any new things, I came across her article about this Funky Cafe in Malasaña that I love to go to when I´m in that neck of the woods. I love the colors and the people there are a mixture but a ton of them are Hipsters and a good majority of them live right down the street or around the corner in Malasaña.

Every time I go,  it´s packed and I end up in the downstairs room.

There is something about this little place. Everytime I go in I feel like I´m entering someone´s well-decorated home.

It´s comfortable. It´s cozy. And most importantly you FEEL like you are in Malasaña. It´s a neighborhood that is KNOWN for it´s artistic and fresh view on life.

I highly recommend stopping by, even if it´s just to look at it (but the food is yummy too!)

Check out Martina´s article about it on her website:

Also check out the official website for Cafe Lolina:

Also, here is another blog post in english with some cool pictures about the Lolina:

Here is a little visual for you!










A Lil Van Gogh For Your Day


This is a fav lil spot of mine in the Moncloa area. Mostly for2 things, 1) their Club Sandwich and 2) their cakes….especially the Carrot Cake!!!!!!

In a way this Cafe is a mix between a typical Spanish bar and a typical American cafe/diner. I think that´s why I like it.

If you are looking for a chill place to grab a coffee with friends or enjoy an amazing sandwich for lunch, then this is the place to go.

I like it because it´s the next best thing to a Starbucks and it´s NOT full of guiris, you can still use the wifi and it´s not as expensive as Starbucks.

For me the staff has  been quite nice and I´ve never had to complain.

In the past they had both a smoking and non-smoking section. No worries smokers, they DO have a TERRAZA!!!!!

This is one of the first places I started going to in Madrid and have always enjoyed it.

Check it out:

Van Gogh Cafe

c/ Isaac Peral, 4
28008 Madrid, Spain
915 432 009


Going Crazy


Soooo I still have no internet and I may not get it for another 2 more weeks….geesh this is complete craziness!!!!!
I´m going crazy because I have lots of pictures that I want to post, but I prefer to do it all via my computer….I think I may have to give in and find a wifi place near my house and take my laptop there to get the job done.
I hope everyone is having a nice rainy Friday.
Enjoy the weekend….and be on the lookout for more blogs tomorrow or Sunday.