A Lil Van Gogh For Your Day


This is a fav lil spot of mine in the Moncloa area. Mostly for2 things, 1) their Club Sandwich and 2) their cakes….especially the Carrot Cake!!!!!!

In a way this Cafe is a mix between a typical Spanish bar and a typical American cafe/diner. I think that´s why I like it.

If you are looking for a chill place to grab a coffee with friends or enjoy an amazing sandwich for lunch, then this is the place to go.

I like it because it´s the next best thing to a Starbucks and it´s NOT full of guiris, you can still use the wifi and it´s not as expensive as Starbucks.

For me the staff has  been quite nice and I´ve never had to complain.

In the past they had both a smoking and non-smoking section. No worries smokers, they DO have a TERRAZA!!!!!

This is one of the first places I started going to in Madrid and have always enjoyed it.

Check it out:

Van Gogh Cafe

c/ Isaac Peral, 4
28008 Madrid, Spain
915 432 009


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