La Lolina


Lolina Vintage Cafe

Calle del Espíritu Santo, 9

So, as I was browsing my friend Martina´s websites to see if she had posted any new things, I came across her article about this Funky Cafe in Malasaña that I love to go to when I´m in that neck of the woods. I love the colors and the people there are a mixture but a ton of them are Hipsters and a good majority of them live right down the street or around the corner in Malasaña.

Every time I go,  it´s packed and I end up in the downstairs room.

There is something about this little place. Everytime I go in I feel like I´m entering someone´s well-decorated home.

It´s comfortable. It´s cozy. And most importantly you FEEL like you are in Malasaña. It´s a neighborhood that is KNOWN for it´s artistic and fresh view on life.

I highly recommend stopping by, even if it´s just to look at it (but the food is yummy too!)

Check out Martina´s article about it on her website:

Also check out the official website for Cafe Lolina:

Also, here is another blog post in english with some cool pictures about the Lolina:

Here is a little visual for you!










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