A lil Rrrrebate from your TIGER


So this morning I had one of the best surprises I could get on my way home from my morning class in Nuevos Ministerios on Calle Orense.

They’ve just put in a new TIGER store.

Let’s just call this store a major drug. Anything you could imagine is there and for CHEAP!!!!!

For example:

Stacey’s Mission Impossible Made Possible……

For almost 3 years I’ve been searching for a great little basic sewing kit in Spain, but for some UNGODLY reason they are IMPOSSIBLE to find and those that you find at a creepy Chino shop are completely overpriced. I walk in the door of this new TIGER store and what do I find for next to nothing in euros??? 2 different Sewing Kits. BOO-YAH!

And how much did I pay for these 2 amazing kits????? —– 4 EUROS!!!!! TOMA YA! BOO-YAH! 🙂 (now I wanna sew something..anything really!)

I found this store back in early 2009 when they opened their first shop on Calle Alcala, next to Metro Pueblo Nuevo and the minute I walked in I knew it was going to be a long term shopping lover affair.

For all of my American readers, Imagine a dollar store with the style and class in its store design and in its products like the Target stores.

The most expensive product I have ever seen in the shop has been around 25 – 30 euros and it was a clock radio with a retro design. Most products range from 1 euros – 7 euros…..the store sells everything…..arts and crafts supplies, house decorations and kitchen supplies, gardening supplies, games and lil toys for kids, bath supplies, extras for your tool box, bikes, car…they even have ipod/iphone covers for 3 euros, recyclable bags for shopping….even SNACK FOOD!!!!!

It is the clean and organized and CHEAP CHINO….made by the DANISH!!!!! It started 10 years ago in Copenhagen and it’s making its boom across Europe.

Imagine….in 2 years it has gone from 1 store in Madrid to 4 stores!!!!!! And I guarantee you it will grow…and fast!!!!

So go check out the 2 new locations here in the Madrid or visit the original 2.

Locations in Mad-town:

Definitely worth your wild…..and for my British friends…its in the UK too!!!!! 🙂

This store is going to be as important to Spain as IKEA and Primark have become….. Love It!!!!! 🙂


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