Get Ready…. June 2011 edition


So it’s been a while since I’ve last posted….but I’ve been busy with the end of the English teaching course slowly approaching, with my summer plans getting planned and with Spain and especially Madrid being taken over by the “Spanish Revolution”. (I’m a little sad about how it has evolved…..the energy was better and stronger at the beginning.) Anyway, I’ve got 3 new places I want to share with you and tomorrow (fingers crossed) I can get all 3 posted….plus an additional post of my pictures and my friends’ pictures of the Spanish Revolution.
Plus some updated info on my favourite hairstylist in Madrid…Mister Tommy 🙂 (who I’m off to see right now!!! yaaaaay hair salon time!)
I hope all is well with all of my readers!
Please feel free to comment…..I love to read your thoughts on what I’m posting!

Much Love!
La Guiri

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  1. Stacey, have dinner with me! Since a cheap and cheerful Chinese salon opened next door to my favourite Japanese restaurant, I´ve developed a taste for an hour long foot massage followed by maki and drinks. You must try it!!!

      • Works for me, I´m going to Valencia the weekend of 25th June, but how about lunch on June 23rd? It´s a public holiday!

      • Can’t I’m working…it may be a national holiday but in my academy in the afternoon it’s the last day, so I have to show up.
        Let’s do it after your trip to Valencia…..I will have a lot more free time that week before my July work schedule gets put into place. Next week might be a little too crazy, with my kids’ final exams and me trying to end the year on a good note.

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