La Tabacalera Lovin’


Soon after I moved into my house down here in Arganzuela last September (2010), my new flatmate told me about this old yet new place she and her friend had stumbled upon one day while walking up Calle Embajadores towards La Latina….she said it was the old abandoned Tabacoo Factory and the people had created it into a free cultural meeting area.

So in turn, I knew I had to check it out considering it was only a 5 minute walk from my new casa…..and boy have I ever fallen in love with it. Even though I am crazy busy with work during the week…whenever I have a spare moment, or a time when I have no idea what I want to do….I just walk up the street and there is ALWAYS something going on there.

Check out their website (it’s in Spanish):

They also have facebook….look for them on there too!

There are 2 entrances now: the first door coming from the Glorieta de Embajadores is the entrance to the original part that the people still control. And the door after that with the security guard outside is the part controlled by one of the Ministerios (I’m suspecting the Cultura one) and inside they have art showing and theater productions.

Here is their website….definately put it on your list of ‘places to go and see in Madrid before it gets closed down due to lack of funds’…although I think the people love this place too much to see it get closed down.

Check out some of my pics I’ve taken from there:

Drummers Drumming Away…The Acoustics were Amazing!!!!

Check out my Youtube Video showing them playing!!!!:

My friend Hugo playing on the drums with one of his many bands.

African drummers and dance performance!!!!

Don’t forget —- it’s on Calle Embajadores (going up not going downhill).

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