Senegal Soul in Lavapies


About a month ago, my boy and I decided on a last minute decision to try out this Senegalese Restaurant we’ve kept seeing on our walks home through Lavapies…..and it was SO WORTH IT!!!!!

Baobab: Restaurante Senegales

Calle Cabestreros, 1
Madrid, Spain 28012

915 272 732


Mon., Weds. – Sundays from Noon – 6pm  and  8pm – Midnight

* Not open on Tuesdays *

We kind of over-ordered…the portions are very big, and all of them include rice. The prices are not expensive at all and the meals have a nice home-cooked quality to them. And on top of that my boyfriend and I could barely finish off the two plates of food (and we were hungy when we got there!!!).

The menu is nice because there aren’t a million different kinds of dishes. It’s fairly straight-forward.A lot of them include some type of meat or fish with a ton of cooked veggies in a type of stew. Each dish has a distinct flavor and they inform you on the menu which ones are spicy or not. And they have different kinds of rice they use, not only the traditional white rice.

The place has been renovated recently and it’s got a nice breath of fresh air to the very ethnic neighborhood of Lavapies in Madrid’s Centre. And it’s great because they have a terrace where you can relax on those warm summer nights.

I think that if you like to try different types of food then this place is perfect for you…for sure I’ll be going back there as soon as possible…even if just to sit on the terrace and enjoy a beer in Lavapies.

Definately a Unique Restaurant in Madrid….If I were you, I would FOR SURE check it out!


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