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All Things Ameri-cuh! (part 1)


Back to Blogging!!!! 🙂

So nice to be back after a crazy summer….this is my new themed topic. I’m going to tell you all where you can go in Madrid to enjoy a lil piece of my homeland!!! 🙂

These are the places I go to when I’m feeling a lil homesick or I’ve got a lil craving for something from good ole Ameri-cuh! 😉

Let’s start out with Markets selling all things American in Madrid….this first one is one of my favs!


They have several locations but I always go to the one on Serrano.

C/Serrano, 149

28002 – Madrid (Metro: Republica Argentina-L6)


Or they have one in Pozuelo de Alarcon as well.

I always go here to stock up on Pancake Mix and Maple Syrup, BBQ Sauce and Peanut Butter and other lil knick-knacks that make me feel like Im back at home.

As far as I know all of the staff speak both English and Spanish.

I know that there is another Market in Madrid as well, but I haven’t been to it yet because the location before was way outside of the city centre…..but I think they have finally caught onto the fact that the Americans tend to live more towards the centre of Madrid and don’t want to have to travel half-way across the city to get some Cherry Coke or Betty Crocker.

I haven’t tried it out yet, but it seems to be quite close to my house so I’m gonna have to make a lil stop by there ASAP.

Here is some info on this market….

The American Store

Paseo de San Francisco de Sales, 3

28003 – Madrid (Metro: Islas Filipinas (L7) or Moncloa (L3 and L6))

34 915 44 27 03

Link to a video interview translated in English about the shop. Quite interesting!

Go check either one out! Definitely worth a try!!!! 🙂

Happy Made in America Shopping!!!! 🙂

Post-Summer Update 2011


Hellooooo to all of my readers (whoever you are.)
I’m preparing a Post-Summer Project based on all things American and British here in Madrid. As well as possibly a few videos for the blog too!!!!!
Fingers crossed that this weekend I get enough free tome to get the first part of this (probably never-ending) series posted.

I hope you all have had a FABULOUS summer!!!!
Mine was crazy busy, but a lot of fun!!!

This new school year is going to be great…I know it, I can feel it.
And on top of working hard, I’m going to be attempting to get my 2 US degrees accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education so hopefully when I get this work permit processed this time next year I can get hired at any Primary School in Madrid. 🙂
So fingers crossed. I have a feeling I will be spending many Fridays at either a lawyers office or in some God-forsaken Ministry of whatever here in Madrid.
Aaaaaahhh the looooong bureaucratic paperwork process called SPAIN!!!! (And they wonder why they have a crisis…..)

So be on the lookout….La Guiri is BACK!!!!!