The Spanish Puente — La Guiri does Santander


So the Spanish ‘Puente’ (or as translated ‘bridge’) is basically a long holiday weekend that the Spanish have made long by taking a Monday off because the Public Holiday is on a Tuesday…in Madrid’s case the Puente de Mayo this year is gonna be a longer one cause not only is there a Public Holiday on Tuesday…buuuuuuut there’s also one on Wednesday too!!!!!

So you know what that means… 5 DAY LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!


And on this wonderful Puente…although it’s rainy as all hell everywhere in Spain pretty much….I’m off to the North of Spain.

Look for the Red Dot....That's Where I Am.

This Guiri is going to visit another Guiri…my friend Mary from Philly originally who now lives with her boy in the coastal city of SANTANDER.

The Port

View of the city and the port...

The Palace at the top of a Hill.

The Sardinero Beach!!!!!


I’ve been here several times, and I really do love this place. A nice retreat away from Madrid’s madness!

So while I rest and relax, I’ll be sure to give you a full 411 (aka…slang in American English for ‘Information’) on Santander after the puente!

Happy Puente to all of those in Spain!!!!

(And to those of you NOT here….well, enjoy your normal weekend and don’t be jealous! ;-))


La Guiri

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