School’s Out!!!!!


So it´s the end of the official school year for the English course I´ve had with my kiddos all year. This summer I´ll be mostly doing in-company classes (aka: teaching business professionals english) and doing some private tutoring as well. I´ve got a full timetable though which will be nice.

But this means that the past few months have been crazy busy for me!

I´ve got some great pics of Santander that I wanna share with you all! I hope I can get those up by tomorrow or Friday!

I´m so excited for the SUMMER!!!!

A lot of things are going to be happening….La Guiri is going to be moving into her OWN place to LIVE ALONE!!!!!

Ala!!!! It´s a miracle!!!!! (I think of it more as timing…ha!)

And this weekend I´m headed off to the beach for a Ladies weekend in Javea (in Alicante)…..oh yes!!!!! 3 days of a bit of beach, sunshine and OUT OF THE BIG CITY!!!!! Plus…it´s gonna be a fun roadtrip….2 cars and 6 girls!!!!! So fun!!!!

Javea, Alicante, Spain 🙂

I´m getting passports, permits and such renewed and in the process of changing my life…..

And in August I´ll take 10 days and take another escapade to the beach….not sure where to just yet. Possibly I´ll be returning to the South of Spain…..I wanna see Sevilla again and hit up the beaches in Cadiz again!!!! Rumbo al Sur!!!!!

Me at La Playa in Cadiz in Summer 2007

Me on a fabulous summer night in Sevilla over-looking the Puente de Triana (The Triana Bridge — it was designed by the same man who made the Eiffel Tower)…this was back when I studied in Sevilla in the Summer of 2007. Good God – How Time Flies!!!!! (And yes, I played around with brown hair for awhile)

And most importantly I´ll be working hard and not vacationing too much (for Spanish people´s standards) to save up for that sweet sweet plane ticket to get me home for Christmas this year!!!!! Oh buddy…that is my mission numero uno! Mission Saint Louis Christmas!


But for now……to enjoy the Summer!!!!! 🙂

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