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An American living in Madrid, Spain who wants to share all of her favorite hot spots in and around Madrid and other cities in Spain to other people who are looking for great things to do.

Year in Review


I don’t know about you all but I’m thoroughly excited about what 2013 has to hold for me!

Maybe because I’m a) a bit superstitious and b)my fav numbers are ‘3’ and ‘4’….so I have this theory that 2013 and 2014 will be some of the best years of my life. Oooooor this I hope!

I’ve already started the year off with a bang!

New Year's Eve with some Old and New Amigos in Madrid!

New Year’s Eve with some Old and New Amigos in Madrid!

Ready for Greatness!!!

Ready for Greatness!!!

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile but sometimes you get caught up in life. I’ve been having so much fun that I haven’t had time to stop and write it all down! (Better late than never, right?)

But I did want to take a moment and reflect on my 2012.

It was a strange year for me…not my best but not my worst.

Difficult at times but still full of Amazing Times and Memories with Wonderful People!


So Here it is…My 2012 in a nutshell (or ya know, various photo slides)

I spent the year having a blast with old and new amigos around Madrid and other parts of Spain…

This was the year of meeting many wonderful Americanas living/studying/etc…in Madrid.

It was the year of bonding with my AK (Anti-Karaoke) Family.

It was the year of gaining new ‘Brothers’…some Spanish and some British.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This was the year I became a ‘Tia’…twice! 🙂

And the year I saw 2 friends get married….(Yup, the marriages and babies have arrived in Spain! Ahhh I thought I had left it back in the U.S.A.)


I turned another year older and another year more fabulous! 🙂


My Mom and Grandma came to visit during Semana Santa (and also in time for my birthday)!!!!

It was the first time that my Grandma had ever left the good ole U.S.A…..It was also the first time in 4 years that I had seen her. So this was a very special trip for everyone!


I also got to spend 3 weeks at the beach this year which was AMAZING!

I had a ladies weekend with my AK girls in Javea (with a quick day trip to Denia) in June.

I worked all of July and in August I worked/spent 2 weeks with an Amazing Family and their children in Denia (again). And afterwards I headed south to Malaga for a week.

I got to go on my first boat ride out on the Mediterranean and went swimming and snorkeling in the middle of the sea (Yeah- that’s right…couldn’t touch the bottom! And Holy Shizzz did that freak this Missouri girl out!!!!)

And I had one of the best tans I’ve ever had in MY LIFE!!!!! (You know, after I applied liters and liters of Mercadona suncream to make sure my white-self wouldn’t get burned by the powerful Spanish coastal sun!)


I climbed mountains.

I ran races.

And I fought bulls…

okay, maybe not the last one! 🙂


I gained a ‘Novia’….a Bestie for Life! Miss Alicia Castro!


And I had to say ‘Adios’ to one of my dearest friends here in Madrid for the past 3 years! My favourite Kiwi — Miss Polly Ackroyd


And in the end….I still stayed a ROCK STAR!!!! 😉


Phewww! See what I mean about not having enough time to write about it all????

I feel blessed and very grateful for all of the experiences from the past year and I’m using all of those things to decide on my new goals and resolutions for 2013.

What’s next???

My Goals and Resolutions for 2013….:-)



What Will You Do This Halloween????


Are you ready?

Less than 24 hours for All Hallow’s Eve!!!


Dear Spanish people,

Halloween is NOT all about the Eerie and the Gory Scary Blood-Soaked Image.

Halloween is like our Carnival….our costumes reflect our Creativity.

They can be Sweet, Smart, Clever oooooor downright ‘Scary-as-all-Hell’ or for the girl ‘Sexy-as-all-Hell’.

So break away from your typical Witch, Vampire, Ghost, Pumpkin…etc…..

Show me what you’ve got!

I’m ready. Are you?


La Guiri


Where you can find me:

I will be partying it up Halloween Style at the Famous Anti-Karaoke’ Madrid.

Yes…this Beautiful Madness is Anti-karaoke! Love it!!!

Sala El Sol (Metro: Gran Via) @ 10pm/22h

(I’d suggest getting there early….like 9pm or 9:30pm/21h or 21:30h…there’s always a line of people enjoying a bit of botellon beforehand)

Check out my previous Blog Post about them: LaGuiriHabla Anti-Karaoke Blog Post

Anti-Karaoke Facebook Page

Gonna be Rockin’ Out and Singing All Night Long!!!!

Come and Join Me and My Amigos!

Intercambios and English Activities Madrid-Style


This post is being dedicated to all of my past, present and future English students here in Madrid.

Also to many of my Spanish friends and other people who I know who are always saying how they need to practice their English.

Well, in Madrid there are TONS of activities and places where you can do just that.

The “Guiri” (or Foreigner) Community in Madrid is very large and we LOVE to plan and organize events that let us do the things we loved doing back at home. Something to get us out of our little circle. Something to mix up our typical tapas/disco dancing/dar una vuelta around the city day to day activities here in Spain.

If you are looking for just a good ole ‘Intercambio de Idiomas’ (or Language Exchange) check out these places:






  • Cafe Madrid (Metro: Opera)@9:30pm/21:30h
  • Cachibola Pub (Metros:Sol or Tirso de Molina—in the Plaza Jacinto Benavente to the right of the Yelmo Ideal Cine) @10pm/22h—this one is put on by ‘Multilinkual‘ and the intercambio is after the Movie Night (see below—Extra English Activities)



(FYI: Weds.,Thurs. and Sunday nights have maaaaaaaaany options!!! So I’d say in general try a few out and see which ones you like. Intercambios are sometimes a gamble. Just try as many as you can!)

In General the Top Intercambio in professional Intercambios are the ones listed below. When you go ask for these people and they are the organizers of these Intercambios and can help you meet new people (especially for those who decide to go solo to these events.)

Extra English Activities

Of course there are TONS of places in Madrid but these are some of the ones that I know or have personally been to.

If anyone has anything new to tell me about, or make any corrections to the info I’ve given above….please email me or comment on this page! Thanks!

Here are some other links to check out for more info on all of the above in English or Spanish!

Get out there….meet new people, get out of your shell and have a damn good time!!!! (And of course practice your English! ;-))


La Guiri

La Guiri Cooks 1.0 – For the Love of Buttermilk Biscuits


Over the past few weeks I’ve been on a bit of a cooking spree.

I first got the urge when I woke up one Saturday and was just SO determined to make some Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits.

These aren’t the typical British biscuits which for me are considered cookies. No, this is the most delicious form of ‘bread’ and very Very typical from the USA (especially in the south, midwest and west). It’s not light in the least. And you normally eat them with thick and heavy foods such as stews, gravy and basically anything that will allow you to dunk it in some sort of saucy goodness. 🙂

So since I was preparing a delicious Chicken recipe (which will be in another post) and I didn’t have any bread in my house and it was quite late…and I was too lazy to go down and buy some…I basically just whipped up myself some biscuit deliciousness.

Here is a link to the recipe I used…’Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe

Hot in the Oven!

Can’t forget to top it off with Melted Buttery Goodness!!! 🙂


A few days later I had the BIGGEST Craving Ever for some Biscuits and Gravy.

This is a typical Southern American Breakfast dish. And it is nothing but light. I already had the biscuits sooooo the only thing missing was the gravy. The problem with Spain sometimes is they have what I’m looking for but it’s not the same style as it is in the USA. So I bought some Country Sausage but it doesn’t have the same flavor as it does in the USA. But to be quite honest….it didn’t matter.

It had been 4 years since eating any kind of Biscuits and Gravy!!!!!!

That was my childhood obsession!!! After church every Sunday I ate it. My parents didn’t even have to ask me…they already knew that’s what I wanted to eat on Sundays. And now…it’s back in my life. And I have control of it in my own kitchen!!!

The gravy recipe I used came from this link: Easy Sausage Gravy and Biscuits Recipe

Whippin’ Up Some Gravy!


4 Years without my Biscuits and Gravy….and it’s STILL my Fav!!!


These recipes aren’t originally mine. I’m not that Amazing of a cook….but I’m falling in love with cooking and trying and testing out my new kitchen! So enjoy the recipes I’ve tried out!


La Guiri


Verano 2012 Recap


As you all can see, I haven’t written in awhile….I kinda shut down blogging from July-Sept. due to a crazy schedule!

My summer was a bit hectic but cest la vie.

I worked hard, made my money and when I had time….went to the pool, went to the beach and went out at night.

All in all, another great summer in Spain.

This time I worked for a wonderful family…taking care of their kids and they even took me with them to Denia for 2 weeks! (Working at the Beach was basically the best job I think I’ve ever had!)

Me with the Carrion Horno Family!!!!

Since I spent 2 weeks there basically exploring it on my own during my free time, I’m gonna give you my suggestions.

Things to Check out in Denia:

  • Playa Les Marines or Playa Les Bovetes
  • La Naranja (a beach restaurant on the Les Bovetes Beach, AMAZING and AFFORDABLE food!!!)
  • Puerto de Denia (the Port!) – Basically, rent a boat and go exploring!!!!
  • Zensa Marina (there are 2, but the one in the Port is great for cocktails and beautiful views)
  • Magerit in the Plaza de Mariana Pineda is great for a wine. And that Plaza has some great little places to eat at.
  • Paddy O’Connell’s …. great little pub hidden on a street with some other little clubs. But I found that this one had Live music. Go check out my new friends – La Mocha Rock

Sunshine in Denia – August 2012

The Sunsets here were Amazing!!!! Me with my wine on a terraza of a chiringuito (beach bar) and just chillin’ watching the night fall upon us all. – August 2012

Super Desayuno at the Beach!!!!! 🙂

In June, my Antikaraoke Girls and my lady Dani from Seattle and I, we all roadtripped it to Javea (which is very close to Denia, before I even knew I’d be going there again in August).

While there we spend 3 amazing days beaching it up and going out till the late hours of the morning!

Roadtrippin it with my Girls (Me, Dani and Lola)

Rockin it out all the way to the Beach!!!!

Lots of Windy Roads…..and stunning views!

Fiestas de Javea!!!!

Me and the Ladies!!!! (Dani, Moi, Lola, Maria, Laura and Almira)

We took one day and popped over to Denia (this was in June before I realized I’d be returning there in August as a nanny).

I can be completely honest with you —- Denia has some of the BEST BEACHES IN SPAIN!!!

And you are right in between Valencia and Alicante so you could just travel up and down the coast and visit some more Amazing beaches along the Costa Blanca.

Beaches in Denia – June 2012

The Americanas rockin’ their stunner shades in Denia!!!! (June 2012)

I had a very special 4th of July ’cause this year we had a group meeting of the ‘Americanas in Madrid’ and had a wonderful lunch at Tommy Mel’s near metro: Cuzco in Madrid. It was so great since they had the whole place decorated with Red, White and Blue and balloons in the shapes of stars. Afterwards, some of us continued onto T.G.I.Fridays nearby for Happy Hour!!! And then the rest of us hard-core 4th of July-ers headed to the centre near Sol and found some outdoor summer bars for a little bar-hoppin’ before heading to Sala el Sol for another Amazing Anti-Karaoke!!!!! 🙂

4th of July at Tommy Mel’s in Madrid with the Americanas in Madrid!

4th of July Happy Hour at T.G.I.Fridays!!!!

Outdoor Bar-Hoppin’ in the Centre of Madrid on the 4th of July!!! Representin’!!!

I also went to some great Concerts this summer:

Checked out some Country Music in Madrid!!!!! Folsom Prisonband

Folsom Prisonband at ContraClub (July 2012)

Me and the Band! 🙂

Also checked out (POR FIN!) the Amazing….Julieta Venegas!!!!

I learned Spanish from her song lyrics!!!! Had a very relaxed Ladies Night.

Julieta Venegas Concert in Madrid (July 2012)

Polly, Moi and Lisette rockin’ it up Julieta style!


All in all my summer was fantastic!

I also went to Malaga for a week….but that’s a whole other blog post!

I truly wish you all had a great summer as well cause we’ve gotta wait 3 more seasons for it to come back around and bring back its sunshine. 🙂

“Goodbye Summer, I hate to see you go. I wasn’t ready for Autumn wind to blow.” – India Arie  (‘Summer’ Music Video)

La Guiri Playa Style (August 2012)

School’s Out!!!!!


So it´s the end of the official school year for the English course I´ve had with my kiddos all year. This summer I´ll be mostly doing in-company classes (aka: teaching business professionals english) and doing some private tutoring as well. I´ve got a full timetable though which will be nice.

But this means that the past few months have been crazy busy for me!

I´ve got some great pics of Santander that I wanna share with you all! I hope I can get those up by tomorrow or Friday!

I´m so excited for the SUMMER!!!!

A lot of things are going to be happening….La Guiri is going to be moving into her OWN place to LIVE ALONE!!!!!

Ala!!!! It´s a miracle!!!!! (I think of it more as timing…ha!)

And this weekend I´m headed off to the beach for a Ladies weekend in Javea (in Alicante)…..oh yes!!!!! 3 days of a bit of beach, sunshine and OUT OF THE BIG CITY!!!!! Plus…it´s gonna be a fun roadtrip….2 cars and 6 girls!!!!! So fun!!!!

Javea, Alicante, Spain 🙂

I´m getting passports, permits and such renewed and in the process of changing my life…..

And in August I´ll take 10 days and take another escapade to the beach….not sure where to just yet. Possibly I´ll be returning to the South of Spain…..I wanna see Sevilla again and hit up the beaches in Cadiz again!!!! Rumbo al Sur!!!!!

Me at La Playa in Cadiz in Summer 2007

Me on a fabulous summer night in Sevilla over-looking the Puente de Triana (The Triana Bridge — it was designed by the same man who made the Eiffel Tower)…this was back when I studied in Sevilla in the Summer of 2007. Good God – How Time Flies!!!!! (And yes, I played around with brown hair for awhile)

And most importantly I´ll be working hard and not vacationing too much (for Spanish people´s standards) to save up for that sweet sweet plane ticket to get me home for Christmas this year!!!!! Oh buddy…that is my mission numero uno! Mission Saint Louis Christmas!


But for now……to enjoy the Summer!!!!! 🙂

The Spanish Puente — La Guiri does Santander


So the Spanish ‘Puente’ (or as translated ‘bridge’) is basically a long holiday weekend that the Spanish have made long by taking a Monday off because the Public Holiday is on a Tuesday…in Madrid’s case the Puente de Mayo this year is gonna be a longer one cause not only is there a Public Holiday on Tuesday…buuuuuuut there’s also one on Wednesday too!!!!!

So you know what that means… 5 DAY LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!


And on this wonderful Puente…although it’s rainy as all hell everywhere in Spain pretty much….I’m off to the North of Spain.

Look for the Red Dot....That's Where I Am.

This Guiri is going to visit another Guiri…my friend Mary from Philly originally who now lives with her boy in the coastal city of SANTANDER.

The Port

View of the city and the port...

The Palace at the top of a Hill.

The Sardinero Beach!!!!!


I’ve been here several times, and I really do love this place. A nice retreat away from Madrid’s madness!

So while I rest and relax, I’ll be sure to give you a full 411 (aka…slang in American English for ‘Information’) on Santander after the puente!

Happy Puente to all of those in Spain!!!!

(And to those of you NOT here….well, enjoy your normal weekend and don’t be jealous! ;-))


La Guiri

Oh Me Oh My…How Time Flies!


Sooooo it’s been a little over 2 months since my last post! But as they say….Times Flies When You’re Having Fun!!!!

Besides being busy with work and my rigorous daily traveling via the Madrid Public Transport systems, I did take time to:

a) Celebrate my 27th Birthday

My Ladies!!! Dani, Me and Polly at my Birthday Party!!!!

(I can’t believe another year has gone again!!!! I moved to Madrid when I was 23!!!! Holy Shizzzzzzz!!!!!!)


b) Have my Mom and Grandma over for a 2 week visit over Easter break and the week following it.

I hadn’t seen my Mom in about 2 and a half years….and I hadn’t seen my Grandma in almost 4 YEARS!!!!!!!

Soooo it was nice to have them here….of course the usual occurs when family stays with you for a long time….they do get on your nerves, buuuuut that’s what family members are for!

I have come to the conclusion after this trip that my Grandma Shirley is AWESOME!!!!!

And I’m A LOT LIKE HER!!!!!!!!

Things I’ve learned from my Grandma over this little 2 week trip…

*Drink a Beer or a Glass of Wine Everyday…..Not because you’re an alcoholic (1 is enough really) buuuuuut because you DESERVE IT!!!!

Me and Grandma and Our Tinto de Veranos

Beer and Patatas Bravas on a Terraza in Valencia

*Be Feisty and Let People Know What You Think and Have NO REGRETS about What You Say or Do!

Waiting for the Bus back to Madrid from Valencia….chillin!!!!

*Eat Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate EVERYDAY!!!! Why????…..WHY NOT, is the correct response to that question.

Eating Ice Cream on a Rainy/Cloudy day in Madrid. 🙂

*Take Pictures of Hot Waiters aaaaand call them Hot in front of them even though they don’t understand you. 😉

The Hot Waiter from La Pepica in Valencia

*Act like a child while at the beach….picking seashells never gets old!!!!!

Collecting Seashells…

*Be Active!!!…because the moment you stop, your age might catch up with ya and you won’t feel as young as you really are.

My Grandma Climbed up 7 flights of stairs in a tower in Toledo….

And this is what she saw! (Toledo, Spain)

*When someone won’t give you their attention…..a little ‘YOO-HOO!’  and a lil wave of the hand works wonders!!!!!! 😉

*Stop Your Bitchin’ and Be Grateful For What You Have!

*Work Hard…Always! Cause If You Don’t Work Hard You Have NO RIGHT To Complain!!!!

*You don’t need much in this world to be happy…Some Food, Friends, Family, A Roof Over Your Head and Some Clothes on Your Back…..everything else are extras that make the ice cream even sweeter….but plain vanilla, chocolate or strawberry is alright with me!

And what I’ve learned from my mother is…..

*I love her and I’m so grateful for her….buuuuut she is her father’s daughter and I am my father’s daughter which makes us Day and Night. And although she might drive me bonkers after 3 or 4 days together, she is still my Mom! 😉

Porras/Churros and Chocolate at the Valor Chocolateria in Madrid

Tinto de Verano on the Mercado de San Anton’s Rooftop Terrace in the Chueca barrio of Madrid.

Grandma…and the Valencian Beach La Malvarossa at Sunset.

Easter Sunday in the Retiro Park in Madrid.

Mom with her vino, pisto and tortilla de patata!

Mom and Grandma at the Beach in Valencia.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my pics….I’m getting ready for some new reviews! From Valencia, Barcelona, Santander and Madrid.

Happy Spring to All My Readers!!! 🙂


La Guiri

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!


For Everyone Out There…..I Wanted To Wish You All…

Or For Some of You….

No Matter How You Think About It Today Is About…

Like Everyday Should Be Buuuut Since They Commercialize It, We’ll Go With It!

So Just Know That…

And Not Only That But…

So Make Sure That Today You…

And Always Remember That…



La Guiri

~Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
Lucille Ball~

~To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.
Oscar Wilde~

~You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.