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Ooooh Casa Mingoooo!


For those of you who don’t know, Spain is very proud of its food and each region has its own specialties. I think this is why people love Spain so much because the food is just fabulous and if you don’t like one regions’ food then just go to another one and for sure you’ll find something for you.

But all in all, if you as ANY Spaniard where can you eat and drink the best (besides declaring that it’s their hometown city or village or region) they ALL say ASTURIAS.

This region is so popular that even in the USA you can find popular celebrity-sited restaurants (Although you’re going to have to pay 3 times as much as you would in Spain for the same thing).

Asturias is one of the northern regions off the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Coast. It’s VERY VERY GREEN!!!! I’m talking about you might feel like you are in a warmer version of Ireland.

This is another reason why I love Spain so much! It’s similar to the US in the fact that each region is so distinct from the other but the best part is that it’s a whole lot closer together! I don’t have to spend 3 days in a car to get to the beach! 4 to 6 hours and I’m there!

Well…back to Asturias….My friends and I LOVE a very famous restaurant with food from this region here in Madrid. It’s quite famous. It’s called CASA MINGO. You can’t miss it! It’s a massive building off the Paseo de la Florida near the shopping centre Principe Pio.

(Photo from CasaMingo.es)

Casa Mingo is mostly famous for its Cider and its Roasted Chicken.

But when my friends and I go there we practically get one of everything off the menu and share it all! Ha!

My best recommendation for a large party of 6 or more people would be to get:

Roasted Chicken, Cabrales Cheese, Cidered Chorizo (a strong sausage), Iberic Ham Croquettes, and a Spanish Omlett.

(Photo from CasaMingo.es)

Don’t Forget to Order —-> LOTS OF NATURAL CIDER!!!!!

They have the sweet Sparkling Cider but it’s not the same!!!!!! Go all out and just get the Natural stuff!

You have to pour it in a certain way and you have to drink it quickly, like a shot, which is why you only pour a little bit into your glass. 😉 But be careful! It’s strong!

Me practicing my Cider pouring skills! (Photo by Gabriel Bonner)

Check out the videos for pouring skills! (I don’t own any of these videos…just some cool ones I found on Youtube!)

Video 1 Link

Video 2 Link

Video 3 Link

If you are in Madrid and would like a great night out with friends and you’d like to eat some of the best food found in Spain, then you’d better put Casa Mingo on your list of places to visit!

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P.S.: This place is VERY well-known in Madrid! Check out all the Google Reviews!


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