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The Parking Garage Chino


This is one of the BEST Chinese joints in Madrizzzz.

Super Cheap, Yummy food and the Pot Stickers and the Pan Chino are TO DIE FOR!!!!

It’s in the Parking Garage under Plaza de Espana, and yes, at first glance it looks a little “chungo” (sketchy). But please know that although its super small and always packed full of people, the food and the service are great, the price for a full meal will probably run you around 10 euros or less per person, depending on how much food you order.

It’s an authentic Chino…you feel like you are in China. BUT make sure you either get there early before the typical Spanish lunch hour (2pm-4pm) or wait and grab a late lunch at 5pm. You can go there and order take away if you’d prefer to eat in your home, but delivery is not an option…you have to go there to order the food and take it home.

This is DEFINATELY one of my favs in Madrid….it’s on my “go once a month” list. 🙂

P.S: You know it’s a fan favorite when it has it’s own Facebook fan page!