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Christmas in Madrizzzzz


Just wanted to share some of my favorite moments from this Christmas…..I definitely had a BLAST!!!!!! I ate and drank with merriment and with WONDERFUL groups of people.

Thanks to the Menendez-Pidal family for welcoming me into their family and letting me spend Christmas Eve day dancing with their kids and enjoying that afternoon with an AMAZING family!

Thanks to my man Inaki and his FABULOUS parents who welcomed me to their Christmas Eve dinner. I had a wonderful time with them eating seafood and drinking cava (spanish champagne) and dancing to Christmas music in their living room.

Cognac, anyone??? 😉

(Dancing is a theme to wherever I seem to go…..hahahaa!)

Thanks to Jennifer Riggins (http://jkriggins.wordpress.com/) for inviting me to join in her Christmas Day luncheon with Asian food and some Christmas Movies…..Yay for the Motherless Misfit Toys of Madrid!!!!

Celebrating Christmas Day at Jennifer’s!

And Thanks to All the GREAT PEOPLE who came to my house for Christmas Day Dinner and New Year’s Eve’s Dinner!!!!! Loved dancing with you all using the Wii game and I loved our random conversations amongst the food and drinks!!!!

Christmas in Casa 🙂

Wii Dancing!!!!

Countdown…..to 2012!!!!

Cheers to the New Year!

Shots to Ring in the New Year!

And although I don’t have any pictures of it….the Reyes DID visit me! Which was a complete surprise!!!!

*Sidenote — The Reyes Magos (or The Three Wise Men) are typically the ones to bring the Spanish children their Christmas gifts and they receive them on the day of the Epiphany aka Jan. 6. But now alot of families celebrate both Santa and Reyes.

I’m gonna miss that Christmas Spirit…..

Christmas Lights around the City

Churros and Chocolate after some Christmas Shopping

Christmas Concerts in the different Plazas and Squares of the City

Visiting different Belenes (Nativity Sets) around the City’s different Cathedrals and Churches

Cheers to the Present, the Past and the Future…nothing a lil Champagne can’t fix!

I hope everyone got enough Christmas Spirit to last them all year until the next one!!!!


La Guiri