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Verano 2012 Recap


As you all can see, I haven’t written in awhile….I kinda shut down blogging from July-Sept. due to a crazy schedule!

My summer was a bit hectic but cest la vie.

I worked hard, made my money and when I had time….went to the pool, went to the beach and went out at night.

All in all, another great summer in Spain.

This time I worked for a wonderful family…taking care of their kids and they even took me with them to Denia for 2 weeks! (Working at the Beach was basically the best job I think I’ve ever had!)

Me with the Carrion Horno Family!!!!

Since I spent 2 weeks there basically exploring it on my own during my free time, I’m gonna give you my suggestions.

Things to Check out in Denia:

  • Playa Les Marines or Playa Les Bovetes
  • La Naranja (a beach restaurant on the Les Bovetes Beach, AMAZING and AFFORDABLE food!!!)
  • Puerto de Denia (the Port!) – Basically, rent a boat and go exploring!!!!
  • Zensa Marina (there are 2, but the one in the Port is great for cocktails and beautiful views)
  • Magerit in the Plaza de Mariana Pineda is great for a wine. And that Plaza has some great little places to eat at.
  • Paddy O’Connell’s …. great little pub hidden on a street with some other little clubs. But I found that this one had Live music. Go check out my new friends – La Mocha Rock

Sunshine in Denia – August 2012

The Sunsets here were Amazing!!!! Me with my wine on a terraza of a chiringuito (beach bar) and just chillin’ watching the night fall upon us all. – August 2012

Super Desayuno at the Beach!!!!! 🙂

In June, my Antikaraoke Girls and my lady Dani from Seattle and I, we all roadtripped it to Javea (which is very close to Denia, before I even knew I’d be going there again in August).

While there we spend 3 amazing days beaching it up and going out till the late hours of the morning!

Roadtrippin it with my Girls (Me, Dani and Lola)

Rockin it out all the way to the Beach!!!!

Lots of Windy Roads…..and stunning views!

Fiestas de Javea!!!!

Me and the Ladies!!!! (Dani, Moi, Lola, Maria, Laura and Almira)

We took one day and popped over to Denia (this was in June before I realized I’d be returning there in August as a nanny).

I can be completely honest with you —- Denia has some of the BEST BEACHES IN SPAIN!!!

And you are right in between Valencia and Alicante so you could just travel up and down the coast and visit some more Amazing beaches along the Costa Blanca.

Beaches in Denia – June 2012

The Americanas rockin’ their stunner shades in Denia!!!! (June 2012)

I had a very special 4th of July ’cause this year we had a group meeting of the ‘Americanas in Madrid’ and had a wonderful lunch at Tommy Mel’s near metro: Cuzco in Madrid. It was so great since they had the whole place decorated with Red, White and Blue and balloons in the shapes of stars. Afterwards, some of us continued onto T.G.I.Fridays nearby for Happy Hour!!! And then the rest of us hard-core 4th of July-ers headed to the centre near Sol and found some outdoor summer bars for a little bar-hoppin’ before heading to Sala el Sol for another Amazing Anti-Karaoke!!!!! 🙂

4th of July at Tommy Mel’s in Madrid with the Americanas in Madrid!

4th of July Happy Hour at T.G.I.Fridays!!!!

Outdoor Bar-Hoppin’ in the Centre of Madrid on the 4th of July!!! Representin’!!!

I also went to some great Concerts this summer:

Checked out some Country Music in Madrid!!!!! Folsom Prisonband

Folsom Prisonband at ContraClub (July 2012)

Me and the Band! 🙂

Also checked out (POR FIN!) the Amazing….Julieta Venegas!!!!

I learned Spanish from her song lyrics!!!! Had a very relaxed Ladies Night.

Julieta Venegas Concert in Madrid (July 2012)

Polly, Moi and Lisette rockin’ it up Julieta style!


All in all my summer was fantastic!

I also went to Malaga for a week….but that’s a whole other blog post!

I truly wish you all had a great summer as well cause we’ve gotta wait 3 more seasons for it to come back around and bring back its sunshine. 🙂

“Goodbye Summer, I hate to see you go. I wasn’t ready for Autumn wind to blow.” – India Arie  (‘Summer’ Music Video)

La Guiri Playa Style (August 2012)