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All Things Ameri-cuh! (part 3)


So a month ago I checked out a fun lil place here in the neighborhood of Malasana, next to my house here in Madrid.

I got so excited to find out they had Creole food here in Madrid!!!!

Creole food is a food made famous from Louisiana…especially New Orleans. And I LOVE it!!!!!! It’s got this rich flavor and can be spicy (depending on the dish). I LOVE Jambalaya and Gumbo (the inspiration for the name of the restaurant). And they even ha Fried Green Tomatoes and Pecan Pie!!!! I was seriously in heaven!!!!

The place is called….GUMBO.

Here is their info:

Gumbo Restaurante-Madrid

I think that if you want to try something new for the Spanish taste buds and something that is as American as hamburgers and hot dogs….then I think you should try out this place.

It is a bit pricey….but that’s because some of the ingredients are difficult to find here in Spain.

Gumbo Restaurant - Window Seat


Gumbo Restaurant - The Bar

I had a bowl of Jambalaya, which is kind of like the New Orleans style Paella. Lots of people like to eat it with Tabasco sauce (I only put on a little bit since I don’t want to lose all of the flavor of the food to the sauce). I want to go again this month and try their Gumbo. Gumbo is a stew or soup from New Orleans. And I also want to try out their Fried Green Tomatoes (yes, like the movie.).

Jambalaya!!!!!! (and Wine)

I did enjoy a nice wine with my meal and I totally gave in and got the Pecan Pie!!!! Hahaha…And I ate the WHOLE thing!!!!!

Delicious PECAN PIE!!!!!! YUM!!!!!

With only the Jambalaya and the Pecan Pie, I was stuffed but it did cost me approximately 15-20 euros for that meal.

But considering the place is owned and run by a New Orleans Native…..I rate it an 8/10.

I did enjoy the whole vibe from the place….lots of warm colors and funky furniture pieces. And nice music playing in the background. I think if it were more economic then I’d rate it a 10/10….but it’s something original for Madrid and Spain in general so of course their gonna make it into a posh place and charge more than most places.

Feel like trying some??? Let me know and I’ll join you. (It’s a 15 min. walk from my house). 😉

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