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The Mercado Tres Chic of Madrid


The Mercado San Miguel is one of the most expensive markets in Madrid, but just to walk through it can be more than enough.

My friend Polly lives above the Mercado (and in the past so have my friends Martina and Anna Maria). For us its a daily decoration from the terraces and windows of that apartment. But the true joy is going down and impulsively buying a slightly pricey French cheese and occacionally a tapa or glass of wine.

It´s definately one of my favorite places to people watch and FOOD watch….take your camera and go crazy because the colors and designs of the food in the Mercado will turn out some beautiful pictures.

I think if you are out near Plaza Mayor or Sol then it´s worth a stop by the Mercado to indulge your senses in some of the best products from around Spain and from around the world. My friends and I are BIG fans of the cheese stand!!!

The plus side of the Mercado is that you are in the heart of the Center of Madrid and can go in any direction and find some more amazing things to do. Or you can just stroll around the area and admire the architecture or the random crazy people you are SURE to encounter along the way.