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The Little Ecuador


El Salon de Otono Parrillada Asador

Calle Murcia, N.5

Metros: Atocha, Embajadores and Palos de la Frontera


I found out about this place on a whim. My flatmate and two of her friends decided to try it out one rainy Sunday afternoon and I was tagging along….I mean invited, Ha! 🙂

It’s very close to my house and I found the atmosphere to be just great. It has 2 floors, the basement is used for parties. I think my friends and I were some of the only NON- Ecuadorian people there. My flatmate and I ordered the same thing (see picture 2 above) and didn’t realize that it was so HUGE!!!!! I would recommend when going to this place to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!! The portions are very big and if you share it turns out to be cheaper for each person. The service was nice, the place was clean and the food was just DELICIOUS!!!!

We started off with some Green empanadas for an appetizer. REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!

Then our friends each had this soup which has fresh tuna and lots of fresh veggies in it and comes with the fried platanos and nuts to put in it to add more dimension and flavor to the soup.

And then my flatmate and I were put in our places when OUR food came out (once again, just be amazed with picture 2 up above…it was enormous).  Ours was an had 3 potato cakes (tortillas de patata), salad, avocado and grilled pork with a type of pico de gallo tomato with cilantro topping. Needless to say we each only ate about half of our plates…but this place was great, they did provide us with a doggie bag!!!! (aka: tapper in spanish)…soooo we had leftovers for dinner. 😉

The food has a nice tropical feel to it, lots of fruits and veggies used in the dishes. Aaaaand lots of MEAT!!!! The food is quite heavy on the stomach, so take your time while eating. 😉

I definitely have this place on my “to-go-back-to-again” list.

The price range for a party of 2 people I’d say would range between 25-40 euros, depending on what you order and how much you drink.


P.S.: We were lucky enough to get serenaded by the AMAZING Manuel y Manuel during our meal 🙂