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Intercambios and English Activities Madrid-Style


This post is being dedicated to all of my past, present and future English students here in Madrid.

Also to many of my Spanish friends and other people who I know who are always saying how they need to practice their English.

Well, in Madrid there are TONS of activities and places where you can do just that.

The “Guiri” (or Foreigner) Community in Madrid is very large and we LOVE to plan and organize events that let us do the things we loved doing back at home. Something to get us out of our little circle. Something to mix up our typical tapas/disco dancing/dar una vuelta around the city day to day activities here in Spain.

If you are looking for just a good ole ‘Intercambio de Idiomas’ (or Language Exchange) check out these places:






  • Cafe Madrid (Metro: Opera)@9:30pm/21:30h
  • Cachibola Pub (Metros:Sol or Tirso de Molina—in the Plaza Jacinto Benavente to the right of the Yelmo Ideal Cine) @10pm/22h—this one is put on by ‘Multilinkual‘ and the intercambio is after the Movie Night (see below—Extra English Activities)



(FYI: Weds.,Thurs. and Sunday nights have maaaaaaaaany options!!! So I’d say in general try a few out and see which ones you like. Intercambios are sometimes a gamble. Just try as many as you can!)

In General the Top Intercambio in professional Intercambios are the ones listed below. When you go ask for these people and they are the organizers of these Intercambios and can help you meet new people (especially for those who decide to go solo to these events.)

Extra English Activities

Of course there are TONS of places in Madrid but these are some of the ones that I know or have personally been to.

If anyone has anything new to tell me about, or make any corrections to the info I’ve given above….please email me or comment on this page! Thanks!

Here are some other links to check out for more info on all of the above in English or Spanish!

Get out there….meet new people, get out of your shell and have a damn good time!!!! (And of course practice your English! ;-))


La Guiri

Ayyye Yai Yai Mejor Mejicano por Madrid!!!!!!!


As I’m from the USA, we are used to having great Mexican food for cheap and in large quantities. And in Madrid it’s normally shitty Mexican food that’s extremely overpriced and given in small portions….until my flatmate Alex told me about La Herradura.

La Herradura

All I can say is……FINALLY!!!!!! POR FIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are a lover of Mexican food and are in Madrid and need your Mexican tortilla instead of the typical Spanish one, then this is your place.


La Herradura (Cantina Restaurante)

Calle de Montserrat, 32  28015 Madrid
915 42 39 36


Where there is La Virgen de Guadalupe....there are Good Things!!!!



La Barra

It’s been getting great reviews all over the place….to read some in Spanish check these links:

My friends and I have been there for a friend’s going away party and also my boyfriend and I have given it a go as well. It’s also dangerously close to my casa soooooooo I have to pretend that it’s on the other side of the city so I don’t go there everyday!!!! Hahaha!!!! 😉

I highly recommend the Nachos with Guacamole added on top…and the Cochinito Pibil Tacos are TO-DIE-FOR!!!!!! Wow….I’m drooling just thinking of them now!!!!!

Nachos with Guac.....YUM!!!!!

COCHINITA PIBIL!!!!!!!! (Drooling right now...are you???)

This is a great date night option, or a night out with the friends….and also for the loner who just wants to have a beer and nacho and watch some soccer/football can hang out at the bar and converse with the barman over their Corona or Negro Modelo.

Check out some more of my pics below!!! Enjoy!

(And I hope you can go there soon….and if you go CALL ME!!!!!! I’m ALWAYS down for some Mejicano!!!!)


Cervezas, Tortilla Chips and Salsa = My 3 Great Loves


MUCHA COMIDA (and Margaritas!!!)

Stuffed Quesadillas….NOT your ordinary Quesadilla! This is your Amazadilla!!!!


Tequila, Please! 🙂

Hair By Tommy (..Not Hilfiger)


Most of my posts have been dedicated to the food aspect in Madrid. But today I’m gonna switch it up and promote an Amazing hairstylist here in Madrid. One of my students recommended him to me. She’s been going to him for years and he even did her hair and makeup for her wedding. So I decided that my birthday party looks (gotta do something a lil special for the bday) would be his test. Needless to say he has passed with flying colors AND I can now never consider going anywhere else to get my hair (or makeup) done.

The best part about his salon is that it’s very small and it’s just him and the girl he has to wash your hair and prep you before you sit in his chair and he works a miracle on your hair. Not only does he know what he’s doing, but he listens to you and he isn’t sneaky and its relatively cheap. I mean, if you want real cheap just go to Marco Aldany the Great Clips of Spain…and you will get what you ask for….crap. But not with Thomas (Tomas).

Check out his contact info and my pics below:

Thomas Moreno (Estilista – Peluquero)

Calle San Bernardino, 5

Metros: Plaza de Espana/Noviciado

Tlf: 915. 599. 750  o  617.170.323

Prices: Style: 10 euros, Makeup 25-30 euros (depending on the session)….more prices to be posted soon, but by my estimations a haircut for a woman would be anywhere from 20-30 euros…depending on what you are going to do. Men’s Cut for sure would run you somewhere around 10-20 euros.


Me and Thomas

The Look Up-Close and Personal

My Do For Friday Night (Dark Eyes, Rose Lips)

So, On Saturday when I came in….I was the last client of the day and I had a MAJOR hangover from the night before….sooooo what did Thomas get me???? A giant Mahou!!!!! The greatest cure for a bad hangover. 🙂

Lets just say that Saturdays look was very creative in every way…fake eyelashes, red lipstick and a kick-ass hairdo that took me back to when women looked this good on a daily basis. (Can I go back in time please???)

The Parking Garage Chino


This is one of the BEST Chinese joints in Madrizzzz.

Super Cheap, Yummy food and the Pot Stickers and the Pan Chino are TO DIE FOR!!!!

It’s in the Parking Garage under Plaza de Espana, and yes, at first glance it looks a little “chungo” (sketchy). But please know that although its super small and always packed full of people, the food and the service are great, the price for a full meal will probably run you around 10 euros or less per person, depending on how much food you order.

It’s an authentic Chino…you feel like you are in China. BUT make sure you either get there early before the typical Spanish lunch hour (2pm-4pm) or wait and grab a late lunch at 5pm. You can go there and order take away if you’d prefer to eat in your home, but delivery is not an option…you have to go there to order the food and take it home.

This is DEFINATELY one of my favs in Madrid….it’s on my “go once a month” list. 🙂

P.S: You know it’s a fan favorite when it has it’s own Facebook fan page!